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Pyramids of Meroe : 


Sights Landmarks

Pyramids-sudan-travelBy far the most popular tourist draw in the country, the Pyramids of Meroe are one of the last remaining symbols from an ancient civilization. Built by the Meroitic Pharaohs around 500 BC, the pyramids are different from their counterparts in neighboring Egypt. They display steep brick sides and appear in groups of 12. The site is not nearly as touristy as the Egyptian landmarks, and travelers won’t have to fight off tourist touts to see them. Travelers are permitted to enter the pyramids, in which ancient graffiti and hieroglyphics can be seen. The best time to visit is just before sunset when the sun illuminates the structures with a golden hue. There are accommodations nearby for travelers who would like to stay the night.

Red Sea : 


Famous perhaps mostly for being the subject of biblical stories, the Red Sea is a great tourist attraction. Biblical appeal aside, however, the sea is also a gorgeous piece of the country’s natural environment. With crystal clear waters and some of the most interesting species of fish and stunning coral reefs, it is no wonder that the Red Sea has become particularly busy in the past few years. There are many lovely resorts in the Port Sudan and Erkowit areas for travelers who would like to extend their stay at this beautiful and historically significant body of water.

Jebel Marra (Mountains) : 

moutain-Jebel-Marra-sudanThe highest peak in southwestern Darfur, Jebel Marra stands at a whopping 10,000 feet. Not only is the mountain great for such activities as hiking and mountain climbing, but the area is stunning as well, boasting such natural formations as waterfalls and volcanic lakes. While the region is currently experiencing political instability, the mountain should be bookmarked as it is a great find in a land that is so geographically flat.


Omdurman City :


Omdurman, the largest city in the country, was formed in 1881 by the Mahdi and was once the Sudanese nation’s capital. Today, this old Muslim city has been wonderfully preserved and offers travelers a look back into a life before our time. There are many attractions in the old city, including the largest market in the country, Souk Moowaileh, and several museums chronicling the country’s historical, cultural, and ethnographic histories. Anyone who would like a historical tour of the country, all in one place, should head to Omdurman, where the country’s past is nicely condensed…